Chemical & Pharmaceutical testing

We have developed new GLP-certified laboratories dedicated for chemicals, cosmetics, personal care products, pharmaceuticals testing. Here we can conduct all the tests that are listed in annex VII of REACH to cover six human health endpoints.

The List of tests we conduct in our laboratories:

  • Cytotoxicity – tailor-made test that correspond with Acute Toxicity

  • Genotoxicity OECD 471, OECD 490

  • Skin corrosion OECD 431

  • Skin irritation OECD 439

  • Eye irritation OECD 492

  • Skin sensitization OECD 442

We have our own animal facility and in vitro laboratories that are GLP-certified for testing mentioned above.

Shall you be interested in any of them or you are looking for another test? Please contact us!